Aamra Open House 2014

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aamra Open House 2014 was held on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at Lakeshore Hotel, Dhaka. Open House is an annual networking event hosted by Aamra Companies dedicated for its valued customers, partners, vendors and stakeholders. The multi-faceted event, in its fourth edition, is an opportunity to meet and network with valued customers, partners, vendors and stakeholders in a relaxed environment. The day-long event attracted around 2000 invited participants from across all industries and positions. Polycom International, Rosenberger, Telekom Malaysia Berhad, Arcserve, TPS and Matrix Telecommunications were the international participating partners of the event. Around 670 registered participants attended the SMART sessions conducted by the partners that included topics like:

  • Media Delivery Services by Telekom Malaysia
  • Data Protection Made Simple using ARCserve UDP by ARCserve
  • Enabling Digital Culture for “3D” Workforce : Distributed, Discontinuous, Decentralized by Polycom
  • In Real, Real Time Attendance System and Access Control for Enterprises by Matrix
  • Big Data and Data Center Transformations by Rosenberger

Speaking about the event, Syed Farhad Ahmed, Managing Director aamra companies, said “we are pleased to see our partners and guests are happy with the activities that have been planned while designing the event. Our goal has always been to create a platform where all stakeholders can have an effective interaction that can improve their respective businesses”

aamra companies, thanks all its stakeholders, partners and guests for making the event successful through their lively participation.