Our Credo

We believe in the unlimited potential of innovation and excellence.

We provide high quality products, systems, solutions, and services to Corporate Bangladesh.

We have been able to guarantee the optimum satisfaction for our clients for the last 25 years. With the very latest technologies and know-how, undoubtedly we are your most obvious choice when it comes to IT Solutions, Garments and Textile Machinery, and Lifestyle Services.

We are dependable; our clients leave all their worries to us, and are free to focus on their core businesses.

We strive to ensure that our customers can take pride when referring our brand, and do everything necessary to live up to our brand promise.

We honor our employees’ work with respect. We believe in creating great work teams by using their full potential to achieve a true competitive edge.

Our work teams are not just ordinary groups; rather, they are teams with a vision that work towards attaining a common goal. With supportive team members acting together, we act as a unified force that works wonders with synergy. Here, the synergy produces a result that is more than two plus two equaling four.

In addition to having a synergistic effect, we believe in incorporating innovation and excellence in every phase of our business. This vision enables us to stay ahead in everything we do. When it comes to return on investment, we can ensure our customers their optimum ROI, by staying ahead of our competition. We offer to give them the best, with a fair price for our effort.

We are very much aware that in addition to being a business enterprise, we are part of the society and therefore, it is one of our goals to contribute to social progress. Be it in sports, education, community development or simply through our personal lives, at ‘aamra’, we make it a priority to be a determinant factor on contributing for a positive change.

aamra – the power of “WE”.


aamra has always functioned with a keen interest and dedication to preserve the welfare of the communities it serves.
Our executives have the experience and knowledge to get your company the most qualified and professional services. The commitment they bring to their task is channeled through the organisations established by individual aamra enterprises that are involved in further community development.
We are also committed to provide customized Business Technology Solution that meets the current IT and E-Commerce needs corresponding to the demand of present business world. This program allows other companies to gain highly qualified IT and E-Commerce professionals without using their own resources and time.


We highlight the key mottos on which our organisations operate:

We do the necessary research to ensure that requirements of each client are thoroughly screened and afterwards outputs are properly checked.

The aamra strives to establish a relationship of trust and loyalty with the clients and incorporates efficient process with the product that the clients are ultimately served with. Trust and honesty throughout the process is imperative to this group.

Our companies are dedicated to the highest quality service on behalf of each of our clients. Our firm’s values reflect a passion for excellence, personalized service and integrity. We measure our success based on each client’s satisfaction with the service quality, timeliness and overall value of our work.

And last but not the least, aamra works cohesively with its staffs across the Group and with its customers and partners around the globe, building strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation.
After being on a steady streak as a leading business house and household name in Bangladesh for more than two decades, Texas Group of Companies decided to change their Brand name along with the names of its 11 sister concerns.
Having expanded both at home and abroad, Texas group is an amalgamation of textile & apparel industries, information technology industries and lifestyle services. The idea is to put all the sectors under one name that gives a holistic message summarizing the vision to empower companies and individuals to access personalized solutions, products and services when, where and how they may choose. Being rooted with the mother tongue, it was a pre-conceived notion that the new brand name is a Bangla word and with the focus concentrated on the “served mass”, leaping across cultural and language barriers- the new brand name has zeroed down as aamra’s belief in the power of WE.