HGC and aamra join forces to grow SDN alliance collaboration

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Hong Kong, 18 June 2020 – HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a fully-fledged fixed-line operator and ICT service provider with extensive local and international network coverage, services and infrastructure, today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with aamra networks limited (aamra), the leading internet and infrastructure service provider in Bangladesh, to stimulate network integration and expansion using SDN technology.

Serving OTT and corporate customers’ cloud business in Bangladesh

Asia has gained the capability of being a new large market in the cloud business. The cloud technology has been helping corporate/OTT (over-the-top) customers in the region with high connectivity and computer literacy. Given that the software-defined network (SDN) is an integral component for cloud-based IT infrastructure, the collaboration between HGC and aamra will enable them to demonstrate their world-class network resources and capabilities to expand their network footprints while utilizing digital technology to support customers such as MNCs to drive regional business expansion with the on-demand and zero-touch services, as well as secure, quick, sustainable and easy flexible cloud connectivity provided.

The collaboration of HGC and aamra stresses the goal of accelerating customers’ digitalisation journey through inter-carrier network orchestration between the ASEAN and global communities on the HGC international marketplace by SDN which follows the MEF standard. Customers will be able to achieve secure direct connect to public cloud such as AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, centrally and on programmatically efficient network configuration; improve and monitor network performance, as well as facilitate their business operations and project management, and leverage cloud service to empower resources and maximize the benefits to their customers. This is especially important for banking and financial institutions that require data transport without going over an open network to adhere to the regulation policy.

Embrace digital network penetration between the East and the West

Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and is one of the world’s top 10 countries with the largest number of mobile phones in use. Global network infrastructure is the foundation of a digital economy, where network softwarization and virtualization are the main drivers of the next-generation technology like 5G and IoT. The collaboration will enhance digital penetration in the local corporate market and in key verticals, such as public and private organizations, RMGs (ready-made garments), banking and government, and open up opportunities in the rapidly developing market.

Transforming the global network through a SDN platform covering PoPs worldwide is both companies’ continuous key focus and strategy. This alliance will enable local customers and MNCs based in Bangladesh and ASEAN to access HGC’s 30 PoPs in locations including Hong Kong, Myanmar, Singapore, London and Los Angeles, as well as aamra’ s data centres, and PoPs national wide. This will ensure reduced latency and enhanced end-to-end quality while directly connecting the network of MNCs from different industries such as manufacturing and banking to HGC’s global network infrastructure.

Syed Faruque Ahmed, Chairman of aamra said, “I am excited to announce our collaboration with HGC for SDN services. This will bring a revolution in Bangladesh’s IT and ITES sectors. The advent of SDN technology marks a major shift in Bangladesh’s IT sector; from hardware to software-based automation and network management, ensuring seamless connections to Global Internet Exchanges and Data Centers worldwide. aamra is proud to be a part of this initiative.”

Ravindran Mahalingam, HGC’s SVP of International Business, said “HGC is delighted to collaborate with aamra, one of the leading tech conglomerates in Bangladesh. Having been dynamically expanding our digital transformation initiative with inter-carrier SDN interoperability, HGC is dedicated to leading the market through delivering flexible networking infrastructure, as well as diversified ICT solutions to satisfy global requirements for quality, value and reliability and to expand its footprint across continents. We will continue to extend our alliance in ASEAN and South Asia communities to provide customer-centric solutions, to meet the increasing multimedia consumption demand from OTT operators and corporate customers.”

About HGC Global Communications Limited

HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC) is a leading Hong Kong and international fixed-line operator. The company owns an extensive network and infrastructure in Hong Kong and overseas and provides various kinds of services. HGC has 23 overseas offices, with business over 5 continents. It provides telecom infrastructure service to other operators and serves as a service provider to corporate and households. The company provides full-fledged telecom, data centre services, ICT solutions and broadband services for local, overseas, corporate and mass markets. HGC owns and operates an extensive fibre-optic network, five cross-border telecom routes integrated into tier-one telecom operators in mainland China and connects with hundreds of world-class international telecom operators. HGC is one of Hong Kong’s largest Wi-Fi service providers, running over 29,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in Hong Kong. The company is committed to further investing and enriching its current infrastructure and, in parallel, adding on top the latest technologies and developing its infrastructure services and solutions. HGC is a portfolio company of I Squared Capital, an independent global infrastructure investment manager focusing on energy, utilities and transport in North America, Europe and selected fast-growing economies.

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About aamra networks limited (aamra)

aamra networks limited (aamra) is a flagship SBU (strategic business unit) of aamra companies – an IT conglomerate with 35+ years of proven experience in IT & ITES, Textiles and Apparels, Lifestyle Services & Professional Development. aamra networks limited is the leading Corporate ISP (Internet Service Provider) specializing in Enterprise Internet & Data, Video Conference and Video Surveillance technology, infrastructure-based services such as Data Center and Colocation services to Cloud Computing backed by international SLA and state-of-the-art network monitoring solutions.

With its extensive network of PoP(s) in Bangladesh and abroad, aamra serves a commendable list of 1600+ clients ranging from foreign embassies to government agencies, including but not limited to law enforcement agencies and armed forces of Bangladesh.

ANL has been recognized by Dun & Bradstreet as one of the top 500 companies in Bangladesh. The company’s commitment to excellence is well reflected in its recognition as a ISO 9001:2015 compliant company. ANL is an avid participant of the UN Global Compact to encourage and adopt, sustainable and socially responsible policies.

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